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WANLIMEIDE Integrated wall decoration, do not shovel wall, do not move the soil, bid farewell to paint, wallpaper, the overall wall buckle straight, really integrated fast, that is installed
Subversion of tradition. Full house. Ready to live
WANLIMEIDE Integrated wall decorated with bamboo fiber, polymer waterproof fireproof material, spar powder from high temperature suppression. Century environmental protection new materials, a lot of product advantages ... ...
Interpretation of healthy decoration, enjoy the quality of life
Factory outlets, quality assurance
The company was founded in 2007, a total investment of 080 million yuan, annual sales of more than 500,000 tons, is China's most professional stone, wood products R & D, production and marketing base of one of the product line of product quality assurance, factory direct supply, Brokers, fully guarantee the profits of the partners.
Sophisticated brands, market recognition, customer confidence
WANLIMEIDE is after years of careful polished, accurate and effective marketing planning, operating in the market mature strong brand. Companies widely participated in domestic and international well-known building materials exhibition, the product won the favor of customers, brand strength is self-evident.
Subversion of tradition, personality customization, integration and efficiency
WANLIMEIDE integrated wall decoration, conform to market integration, modular installation needs, subversion of the traditional, all-room decorative materials can be personalized custom, arbitrary assembly, great to meet the individual needs, leading the new direction of home improvement.
Comprehensive protection policy to ensure the interests
WANLIMEIDE has a successful direct business, joined the experience to help partners rapid profitability, while the company has a strict market protection policy to ensure that the interests of partners, accurate investment income analysis to ensure a reasonable return on profits.
Meticulous pre-sales, after-sales service, the entire store output, frontline help
The company has a professional operating technology output team, and truly do the whole store output one-stop service for customers to provide 100 percent gold medal services for franchisees tailored business strategy to provide all the brand information sharing of assets to ensure that partners Easy to profit.
Online, offline linkage promotion, enhance the reputation of virtue million force
WANLIMEIDE Official website, WeChat public and Internet search linkage promotion. At the same time continue to improve the line of publicity, event planning, started the brand and product awareness, and continued influence.
WANLIMEIDE, for the country Chengzhao dealers, agents
Comprehensive protection, caring service, invites you to join
National Merchants Hotline: 135 8969 7668

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