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Smart fast lead to lead the new revolution in decoration

Late 80s cement floor, lime powder wall. Integrated kitchen, the whole kitchen cabinets into China. Cabinet, door, hardware, hood stove disinfection cabinet integration into the mainstream of home improvement.

90 years of ceramic tile floor, imitation porcelain walls, home into the integrated era, bed, cabinets, tables and chairs, etc. from independent furniture into the whole home, TV cabinets, bedside cabinets, shoe cabinets, wardrobe, storage cabinets overall customization to complete the integrated transformation.

00 wood flooring + tiles floor + latex paint wall, home door integration, door + door trim line + finished product installation services, suite door industry has become a successful example of integrated decoration field.

Intelligent society all intelligent, integrated wall ornaments, for your peace of mind, in the pace of life is accelerating today, people are eager to live a simple fast, healthy and comfortable life. Has been renovated in March or even six months of the traditional home improvement experience has long been despised by contemporary! As a result, the integrated wall came into being, it can help people quickly get all the home improvement, management worry, to create a more harmonious and vivid family atmosphere. In China, the integration of wall development is very rapid, has begun to quickly toward the developed countries, the popularity of the popularity of closer, and gradually developed into a decoration market trends and trends.

The concept of integrated home breakthrough in the traditional sense of "home decoration" of the limitations of the home as a complete and harmonious unity, the expression of the owners of the individual and the ideal of the overall design, tailored to the characteristics of the scale of industry for the future processing of various Design elements, and ultimately achieve a harmonious and complete home construction, packaging for the needs of consumers.

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