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Decoration industry market wealth continues to appreciate, smart fast to lead the industry new fashion


1, home improvement market growth rate

According to thousands of consultants released "2012-2020 China's smart home market trends and investment opportunities analysis": 2006 - 2011, China's smart home market, the average annual growth rate of 20%, 2012 - 2020, the annual growth rate Will reach 25% in 2020 the size of the market will reach 357.6 billion yuan.

2, decorative market engineering output value

In 2014, the national construction and decoration industry to complete the project output value of 3.16 trillion yuan, an increase of 269 billion yuan over 2013, an increase of 9.3%! Among them, the residential decoration finished the project output value of 1.51 trillion yuan, an increase of 139 billion yuan in 2013, the growth rate of 10.2%! 10 years, the decoration market will produce 2 trillion yuan of annual consumption, consumption of about 5 billion yuan per 5 million people! 10 million people in the small town, wall decoration needs of not less than 10 million yuan!

3, the forest dropped again and again in the inevitable

Building, decoration, furniture, the extensive use of wood, forest resources decreased year by year! The resulting land desertification, climate warming, has become a global problem! No more than 50 years, China will have no wood available! To this end, the world in research and development can replace the natural wood of polymer decorative materials! Since the 1990s, many countries in Europe and the United States have done a lot of research on polymer composites, and put into production and application. As early as 2001, North America's market consumption reached 320,000 tons; in 2012, North American and European consumption of wood-plastic composite materials reached 7 million tons, 19% growth rate. New ecological materials are widely used in wall panels, ceilings, decorative panels, treads, siding, highway noise baffles, seaside flooring, building templates, moisture board, open tables and chairs, office partitions and so on. With the public awareness of the product to strengthen, this new material gradually into the field of home improvement, for the wall, floor, ceiling, decorative lines and other full house decoration. Substitution of traditional materials is inevitable.

4,one of the top of the wall quickly led the new trend of fashion

Throughout the ages, the world's consumption from the high-end crowd first. Look at those high-end villas, private clubs, more than 90% is solid wood - solid wood wall + solid wood ceiling. 1200 ~ 1300 yuan / square meter of the cost of renovation, high-end crowd rush. The reason, high-end grade, significant grade. High-end demonstration of the role of this trend will gradually spread, more and more owners choose the top of the wall decoration. But the high cost of solid wood is not everyone can consume, a solid wood hard cost is high, two woodworking labor costs are high, and the use of the process of maintaining complex, high cost. In the near future, the landlord will be faced with a situation where workers can not be found or workers are expensive.

China's annual construction area of ​​1.6 billion to 2 billion square meters, more than all developed countries built the sum of the building area. With the material to the installation of integration, not only save time and money to save money, the effect is more ideal, but also to avoid the damp mold and paint, paint, wallpaper caused by environmental pollution, and the rich variety, Many colors, the effect of realistic, naturally favored by the public.

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