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Green, health and energy saving, personalized custom comfortable space
Lock assembly, saving time and effort, the whole house decoration to get a stop

1lock stitching, construction is simple

Wanli virtue new environmentally friendly integrated wall decorated with buckle plate installation, intelligent stitching, easy installation, do not need professional operation. Products can be installed directly on the furrow wall, save time and save money, really do the factory production, the scene assembled.

2low-carbon environmental protection, that is, that is to live

Wanli virtue products do not contain formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other harmful gases, in line with national environmental standards and European standards, decoration after the non-toxic tasteless pollution-free, can immediately stay, is the real green products.

3thermal insulation, four seasons energy

Summer can block 45% -85% of the sun direct heat into the room, reducing the indoor temperature. The same winter through the heat insulation effect, so that indoor heat dissipation reduced by more than 30%, the maximum to keep the indoor temperature is relatively constant, completely solve the top of the house caused by the sun exposure of the hot phenomenon, to achieve significant energy saving effect.

4easy to wash easily, not easy to deformation

Wanli virtue new environmental protection integrated environmental protection wall nano-level anti-oil and anti-treatment, cleaning can be wiped with a rag or mop, you can also rinse with water will not be deformed. Product weather resistance is strong, 20 years does not fade is not aging, the use of up to 50 years.

5fire moisture, security invincible

The new environmental protection integrated wall is made of high-tech fiber material, the insulation effect is remarkable, moistureproof, mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-insect bite, flame retardant B1 level, anti-aging, no deformation, excellent performance.

6noise reduction, professional wall materials

The authority of the state sector testing, Wan Li virtue new environmental protection integrated environmental wall insulation sound up to 29 decibels, the equivalent of the sound of the wall, the sound insulation so that the home bedroom more quiet. At the same time it is all kinds of conference rooms, sound insulation room ideal wall materials.

7save space, three-dimensional sense of strong

Because of the new environmental protection integrated environmental protection wall can be installed directly on the hair mesh wall, without the chassis, the full realization of a variety of flat, three-dimensional, relief, soft bag and other effects, than the traditional wall decoration can save at least 5- 10cm thickness, the overall space is more broad sense of three-dimensional.

8different colors, personalized custom

Wanli virtue new environmental integration wall decorated with dozens of product types, covering the wall, interior doors, backdrops, flooring, custom painting and other whole house overall decoration, more than a thousand different color products, all kinds of popular high-end color, diverse styles The But also according to customer demand for private customization to meet the individual needs.


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