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1strength brand, win at the starting point

International perspective, the world's resources, professional design team, marketing team, channel development team, service team, to create the most influential Emperor Norwich brand.

2Direct factory price, profit protection

Headquarters own large-scale modern production base and large-scale production equipment, thousands of different categories of products are ex-factory price direct sales agents, the greater the purchase, the greater the discount, more lucrative profits.

3mobile store, still make money

Headquarters to support investors to choose mobile model shop business model, won the right to operate an agent, they control the local market. With the local decoration companies, engineering companies, building materials, such as the establishment of cooperative relations, direct supply profit; also can develop subordinate dealers, agents, or set up a network of micro-shop, mobile phone WeChat business, diversified development market.

4variety, everything

Wall series, flooring series, ceiling series, background wall series, art line series, custom series, several series, thousands of tricks, many categories, but also personalized custom, all-round to meet a variety of decorative needs.

5fashion trendy, unique

Headquarters hired Germany first-class art designer, the wisdom of the West into the delicate oriental civilization, for consumers to create a classic, unique products, unique fashion, everything you think of fashion are!

6free design, full guidance

Headquarters for all levels of distribution agents free design store decoration map, from the opening, activities, marketing to the sale, the whole guide with the shop, with the fastest speed to your investment into a return.

7regional protection, market protection

The headquarters of the perfect operation of the market supervision and management system, the distribution agent area to implement strict business district protection, to prevent cross-regional chaos business, and specifically for the pre-joined dealers, enjoy the local market priority development rights and priority renewal.

8business development, innovation constantly

Headquarters to support the distribution of agents to expand their business and expand their operations, if the project orders need to help with the headquarters, the headquarters will be customer demand from product customization, design and production, logistics and distribution, home installation and other aspects of full support.

9quality three bags, first-class service

Wanli virtue integration wall decorated all products are enjoying the national three packs of policy, so that consumers feel at ease to buy the use of confidence. For all levels of distribution agents to provide zero inventory backlog, online demand on demand orders, fast and efficient logistics, 100% swap goods and other one-stop service policy.

10service butler, intimate protection

In order to maximize the protection of the interests of cooperative customers, to provide consumers with satisfactory service. The headquarters of the establishment of a complete customer service center, responsible for customer service and solve product quality dispute. At the same time, the headquarters has also developed a sound return policy system, completely solve the consumer's worries. Improve the supply of warehousing one, to ensure stable supply in a timely manner to ensure that logistics is convenient and convenient.

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