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1regional agents: dominate the market to make a home wealth
1) regional management: the right to operate in the agency area a number of their own outlets;
2) investment benefits: the right in the agency area to develop subordinate agents and franchise stores, charge the corresponding costs; long-term subordinate agents or franchise stores supply, access to the difference between profits;
3) supervision and management: have in the agency area within the supervision and management;
4) ultra-low discount: enjoy the headquarters of ultra-low purchase price, access to super profits;
5) sales incentives: to complete the provisions of the annual sales of agents, the implementation of the end of rebate;
6) advertising support: the company for agents to provide a unified investment advertising, special advertising, regional investment associations to support, for agents to create a strong investment platform to ensure that agents sit back and enjoy;
7) resource sharing: share the company's marketing philosophy, staff training, copy planning, advertising, business negotiations, human resources, brand management, financial management, logistics management, risk warning, agents can copy the headquarters of the successful mode, Develop your own business network.
2Dealer: sit on the whole shop to enter the whole worry-free shop
1) The headquarters of the whole store output, from the decoration program, store display, store VI image, posters, Yi Labao, hanging flag, brochures and all free of charge.
2) dealers do not need stocking, just show samples in the store, the customer orders, the order submitted to the headquarters, the headquarters and then sent to the dealer dealers. The headquarters of the perfect order management system and logistics system so that dealers really zero inventory.
3) small investment can be done in the local business.
4) business district protection, agreed to exclusive business district.
3no shop business: zero cost of the new model
Partners do not need shops, no decoration, just a warehouse, or in their own homes can operate. Through the district leaflets, street shops to do the presentation, consumers understand the product, five minutes to reach a deal, eliminating the store rent and inventory of goods trouble.


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