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1、colorful sensory experience, to seize the blank market, absolutely open victory

German fashion concept, the top designer carefully designed, or flat, or three-dimensional, or embroidery, or marble, or cloth pattern, or wood grain ... ... realistic, ultra-high simulation of the diverse colors, patterns taste, visual experience exquisite, Decorative effect is excellent. As the paint, paint, marble, wallpaper, wallpaper, wall panels and other traditional decorative form of replacement products, at present in the country, Wanli virtue integration wall decoration is the first to devaluation of the first, whether it is product ideas, technical advantages, marketing model Are the industry leader, the blank blue ocean market, the absolute gold business opportunities, and join hands with venture investors to share.

2、the overall wall solutions, personalized custom services, leading the new trend of wall decoration fashion

Wanli virtue integration wall decoration novel and unique design, quick installation process, green, that is, that is, live. For different places, different ages, different occupations, different needs of space decoration, Wanli virtue integrated wall decoration to help customers find the most appropriate personalized products.

With the different customer needs, targeted the development of the overall space decoration solutions, including products, patterns, color, design, construction, one-stop service to meet the market differences, the concept of "personal personality customization" Demand, the overall construction time and effort to save money, become the most popular new trend of home consumption.

3、excellent product quality, widely used in the market, consumer profits hot

Such as formaldehyde, smell pungent, moldy, blistering, peeling, flammable, radiation, construction trouble ... ... traditional wallpaper, paint and other decorative materials defects and drawbacks are obvious, people unbearable or even hate; insulation, insulation, noise , No smell, easy to scrub, fire, moisture, never mildew, energy saving and environmental protection, can be removed repeatedly used, that is, equipment that live (only carpentry a kind of work, a process can be completed immediately) ... ... Integrated wall visual effects, environmental performance and ease of installation are far beyond the traditional products.

Wanli virtues integrated wall series products and services are widely used in home, villas, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, hotels, KTV, cinemas, gyms, resorts, leisure clubs, banks, schools, hospitals, stations and other places and environmental decoration works , Excellent quality no one can refuse to cause scrambling to buy.

4、the whole store output mode, no product inventory, zero risk management fast success

Wanli virtues integrated wall design headquarters to take the world's leading retail export business model for investment partners to provide all the brand information sharing, including brand image, operational strategy, product training. And the traditional decorative materials shop is completely different, the headquarters will provide zero inventory of the order model, so that investors without inventory backlog, completely reduce the investment risk, the main marketing. A telephone, a fax, a network order, easy to achieve fast and accurate supply of logistics products.

5、3D real simulation system, really look good to see in advance

Wanli virtue integration wall decoration technology integration, the use of cloud wall decoration simulation system, 3D panoramic simulation decorative effect, so that customers become a key designer. Wall decoration simulation, decoration self-service facelift greatly peace of mind, just enter the room size data, you can directly in the cloud system on the test of different "try" effect, to facilitate customers to determine their own preferences, so good look ahead, full Satisfied with the early perception, only happy for customers, partners are also happy, Wan Li virtue integration wall decoration more happy. Good service, good products to better understand the people, so as to bring the store to the super sticky, for the million force virtue integrated wall decoration deepening the foundation.


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