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1promotion promotion

And large-scale building materials market, home supermarkets, home stores and other high-end brands to establish cooperation mechanisms to participate in holidays, celebrations, on-site display product features, to attract consumer groups, with activities to undertake orders.

2development of subordinate agents

Wanli virtue integration wall using CCTV, around the TV, network and other media three-dimensional publicity, information resources sharing, good business directly to the door. You can also develop their own agents, charge agency fees and purchase discounts, and enjoy the headquarters rebate, get the most rights and the most generous profits.

3cooperation with the decoration design company

Through the decoration company can quickly build awareness, open the market. Swept the local family, business, government decoration. A company with you, the city fell in love.

4to work with real estate developers to make money

In the national real estate market all the way to the bullish situation, with local developers to establish cooperation mechanism, contract model display, community decoration supply, from the high - end control market.

5resource marketing

Through the local network of resources, and the organs and units, the major enterprises to establish a good relationship for all types of office buildings, business buildings, enterprises, government and other office space and hospitals, schools, shopping malls, railway stations, airports and other public places to decorate and supply money.

6portal cooperation

With the local portal site, show the effect of contrast map. The introduction of buy concessions decoration activities, held small and medium-sized special buy will, online and offline, a clean sweep.

7micro network management

The face of 600 million WeChat users, Wanli virtue integrated wall operations management center to help you open a public micro-signal, exclusive micro-network, the business installed on the user's mobile phone, easy to make money.

8community direct sales

Wanli virtue integration wall innovation and technology to replace the traditional decorative materials, in the community directly to the end consumer, that is, that is to live, personalized custom, for the community to bring unprecedented visual, environmental protection, convenience, personality experience. Real product and design effects to conquer the consumer groups, one installed, the whole community to find you to install.

9stores make money

Large-scale building materials market, furniture city, community and other places operating experience store or joint venture promotion, accurate face mass consumption crowd, lock the main purchase market.

10subsidiary business

Already have building materials stores, furniture stores, decorative materials, decoration companies and other related shops, can be integrated Wanli virtue integrated wall products, expand the business category, bringing new profit growth. If there is no relevant shops, you can also choose to cooperate with them, low-cost supply, with someone else's shop to earn their own money.

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